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    A.merican D.ream

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    [:en]A.merican D.ream is a painting created in the fall of 2021. It takes a unique shot at the American Dream and overall what it represents for the author. It plays with the abbreviation A.D., which can in addition to the aforementioned, symbolise Anno Domini or ad and uses various techniques, colours and symbols to communicate the impressions and opinion on The American Dream.

    “The American Dream for me represents an ideal or a place where I have the freedom to express myself, inspire others with those expressions, be around people who have the willingness and means to drive a social change and finally have personal and financial success from that endeavour. However, like with any set of ideals, there are drawbacks. It’s called a dream for a reason and I choose to treat it as such. It’s an inspiration for me, a spiritual message and an ad on freedom, success and equality. It can help a person greatly, but one must understand why it exists and its purpose to benefit from that ethos.” — Miroslavo.

    It’s a deeply symbolic painting that will satisfy the need to have a beautiful and colourful piece as well as meaningful and provocative.[:]

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