Digital Single-lens Reflex Camera

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Simply put, a digital single-lens reflex camera, also abbreviated as DSLR, combines the mechanics and optics of a traditional SLR—that we have grown accustomed to in the last century—with the modern technology of today, that is a digital imaging sensor enabling new possibilities.

Whereas an SLR captures images onto a film made of plastic and gelatin, a DSLR records the images digitally onto a memory card.

Miroslavo’s take on DSLR compared to SLR

“While a DSLR provides a photographer with the possibility of capturing hundreds of images in a matter of minutes and without really costing him anything, an SLR due to the high cost of a film, I suppose makes the photographer more aware when taking a single shot, thus being more appreciative of photography and the craft as a whole.

Many things today can be achieved or retouched with post-production software like Photoshop to improve a digital photograph which of course may encourage fakeness. On the other hand, it can create new innovations and fields such as digital art hence introducing new ways of visual expressions.

I believe there are pros and cons to every new thing, but in the end, this is a normal evolution and it helps humanity understand new things and gain more wisdom.” — Miroslavo.

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