Abstract Art

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Abstract art does not try to achieve representation of visual reality but rather depicts it using shapes, colours, lines, and forms. It’s often called nonrepresentational art, however, the degree of references to the world can vary.

In fact, all art contains some line, shape, texture, and colour, so to a degree, all art is partially abstract or at least some of its elements.

Abstract art offers complete freedom in the expression of emotion since one is not fixated on something that is set and stone, however, an artist can draw inspiration from concrete objects.

Some argue that abstract art is purely made for beautiful effects while others argue that since it doesn’t represent the material world, it represents the spiritual.

Miroslavo’s take on abstract art

“As for me, I call something abstraction in art when I use shapes, colours, lines, and forms to abstract my emotions and thoughts, and give them a concrete visual representation. These emotions and thoughts can come from imagination, visual reality, life, people as well as anything that strikes inspiration and feeling. In the end, everything has its own symbolism, therefore abstract art always represents something.” – Miroslavo

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