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Digital art like the traditional visual arts expresses the emotion of the artist about a particular issue, but instead of using physical objects to create it, it uses digital technology.

Digital art can be used for display through art prints or it can be used to support other creations like an article, a book, and many others.

The digital paintings are also decorated with the artist’s signature, which finalises the creation and creates a relationship between the artist and the observer or the client.

Why is Miroslavo unique as a Digital Artist?

Miroslavo is an artist, who creates in numerous artistic disciplines. Due to his abilities in graphic design, he is able to use a lot of digital software to create art.

Miroslavo creates paintings, drawings, murals, and photography. Digital art is another discipline where he can apply his talent and innate artistic gift, and to reach a new kind of audience.

What digital art can Miroslavo create for you?

Miroslavo is able to create a digital painting integrated into your philosophy and add his own emotion and opinion about the particular problem.

  • Digital paintings for your articles
  • Paintings for your social media
  • Drawings to support your messages
  • And others

Creativity has no bounds, so do not hesitate to contact me and let’s discuss the possibilities.

Latest digitally created art by Miroslavo

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