Welcome to my workshop where dreams become reality

Turning a design and concept into a physical prototype is something out of this world for any creator who initially dreamt up an idea then sees it turn into reality. I personally can’t wait until I get to the prototyping phase in any project, it’s a special phase.

With my FDM (Fusion-Deposition Modelling) 3D printer, or The DreamMaker as I like to call it, I can produce functional prototypes that will serve as the first step in viewing a vision as a real and touchable thing.

I also have drills, chisels, cutting tools, electronic detail polishers, saws, electrical equipment, measurement tools, basically I have all I need at my disposal to make a fully functional prototype that will fulfil its purpose—give the first real look at how a product works, functions and looks.

How am I able to help when it comes to rapid prototyping?

  • Develop a fully functional 3D prototype
  • Creating a functional cardboard packaging prototype
  • Consult on matters of rapid prototyping

Recent projects

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