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Turning a design and concept into a physical prototype is something out of this world for any creator who initially dreamt up an idea then sees it turn into reality. We personally can’t wait until we get to the prototyping phase in any project, it’s a special phase. Physical prototype development is what we love to do, and we are good at it. 

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Plastic Prototype Development

We can develop fully functional plastic parts with  our in-house 3D printing technology. We have all the other tools necessary to provide you with a functional and great prototyping for testing.

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Packaging Prototypes

Are you developing packaging and need to test it before you go into producing a die cut? We can realise a fully functional packaging prototype from paper, cardboard or other low-fi materials.

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PCB Electronics

Electronics plays an important role in consumer electronics projects and PCB development is an inevitable part of it. We can design and develop a final PCB prototype for your projects.

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Furniture Design & Development

We love wood and creating tools and work spaces from it, so if you need the development of a wooden furniture piece, we can assist you in this regard.

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We are skilled at prototyping, we love making things and naturally we have developed some wisdom and experience from developing prototypes, which will prove useful for your product design and development projects.

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