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[:en]The latest large-format artwork by Miroslavo, inspired by the US. This time a more abstract depiction of the country with a show of colours and techniques. A painting that hides beauty, an almost heavenly like energy, but also quite evil and chaotic one.⁠

It’s a complex piece as it hides quite a bit within itself, however, the top layer which has been sprayed on helps to quickly provide a key hint on this painting’s symbolism.⁠

Inspired from the most concrete of things like the Mesa Arch, US flag, American lands, to the most abstract things like fear, love and peace. It talks about a specific country, but also about the individual self as a whole. ⁠

In its simplest form, you will see beautiful colours and a couple of fun doodles. In its most philosophical way, you might notice a fight between good and evil, the willingness to change the rules of a game or humanity itself.[:]



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