Product Design Studio


What exactly does that mean?

That through the use of our creativity and technical skills, we designed and developed products that have been recognised by an international design academy for its high design quality.

Miroslavo was established in Barcelona in 2016 and named after its founder Miroslav Stibůrek whose passion for solving problems, conveying emotions and improving people’s lives is what makes Miroslavo one of the most promising design studios of today.

How can Miroslavo help you?

We can help you turn a product idea into a tangible invention by:A'Design Award Winner 2016
A'Design Award Winner 2017

  • creating and developing a product concept based on your idea,
  • defining the product’s aesthetics, mechanics, ergonomics, function so it’s visually and functionally attractive as well as easy-to-use by customers,
  • developing a physical prototype through our 3D Factory.

These steps are mostly executed through research, discussions, sketching, 3D modelling and printing.

Miroslavo, being a multidisciplinary studio can help you turn a basic idea into a manufacturable product. We can also help you with product naming, descriptions and other related marketing material.

Latest creations by Miroslavo

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