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Miroslavo is a Czech award-winning industrial designer, inventor and fine artist based in Barcelona. His natural talent and devotion to solving problems, conveying emotions and improving people’s lives are what makes him one of the most promising creators of today.

His work is exhibited all around the world and received two international product design awards.

Let’s Change The World Together

Miroslavo works in the areas of sustainable product designindustrial design, product design and research and development of new products.

His 3D Factory was also newly born to help with rapid prototyping and uses strictly PLA, a type of bioplastic material.

In terms of painting, you may commission artwork from Miroslavo, purchase it from his online art gallery or at one of his exhibitions.

All creations by Miroslavo spring from the deepest intentions of the mind—to be on the cutting edge of innovation with environmental, social, financial, emotional and cultural impact in mind.

Miroslavo has previously worked with industry leaders, design companies, galleries, museums, individuals, inventors, start-ups and non-profits from various parts of the world.

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