Miroslavo and Marketing

Miroslavo‘s career beginnings started by offering design as well as internet marketing services to companies, where he learnt the fundamentals of creation, promotion, research, and sales.

Miroslavo started an internet marketing agency in his university years and very quickly gained exposure and prestige through the use of his brilliant creativity and analytical abilities.

He has also co-created and designed a toolbar for Firefox and Chrome back in 2010 which has been used by over 20,000 users worldwide.

In 2017, Miroslavo incorporated all of that into his studio named after his artistic name Miroslavo, that integrates all his artistic, scientific and technical abilities he had gained over the past 10 years by experimenting and working in different fields.

The right kind of marketing makes you achieve the right kind of goals.

Today, Miroslavo stands here as one of the world’s top industrial designers having won two design awards in the last year. He works with industry leaders and innovators, and his work has been displayed in numerous exhibitions worldwide, and starting from 2018, he has also started exhibiting his artistic creations. He has recently opened his online art gallery to sell his painting online.

His marketing experience is rich as he draws from his own and other’s successes, knowledge from many fields and experience of working with industry leaders and his own exploration of the human mind.

Since it’s his passion to help others achieve success, he now offers his marketing services to companies, individuals, and institutions.

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