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Miroslav Stiburek

Miroslav Stibůrek, Founder of Miroslavo.

Whether your company needs a consultant that provides you with a birds-eye view of your project, or you need an external art, design, business, marketing, and sustainability perspective on any matter, then Miroslavo can be very useful in your projects.

I work with corporations, startups, inventors, and other individuals who want an opinion on various matters regarding marketing, design, strategy, business, art, and sustainability.

You might want to sit down once and discuss a specific thing or consult a larger project. I had gained valuable knowledge over a career that spans 15 years of professional development, and I’m happy to share that with you to help advance your projects.

Expertise and Accomplishments

  • Have collaborated with companies of various sizes, from solopreneurs to large businesses.
  • Strong marketing, research, engineering, psychology, technology, and business background.
  • Deep understanding of product design, human factors, ergonomics, and aerodynamics.
  • High artistic and analytical ability.
  • Knowledge of patent, trademark, and intellectual property procedures.
  • Multiple awards for my work.
  • Great knowledge of sustainability in connection to business and its strategies. Certified by Harvard Business School.
  • Understanding of manufacturing process, designing for these processes as well as for assembly and disassembly.
  • Have designed products that are on the market.
  • Have worked across various fields and worked in multiple disciplines.
  • Numerous marketing, business, design, and sustainability training and degrees by prestigious organisations and universities.

Areas I can be of assistance

  • marketing
  • business
  • product and industrial design
  • packaging
  • prototyping
  • sustainability
  • branding and design
  • art and creative direction

Clients I have worked with

Send me a message and let’s talk about your consulting needs.