Miroslav Stibůrek
Award-Winning Designer, Artist, Marketer & Founder of the MIROSLAVO® Brand.
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Hi! I’m Miroslavo and welcome to my humble abode. This is the ground zero for my creative ventures. Have a look around and enjoy the ride!

Welcome to MIROSLAVO®: Where Art, Design, and Marketing Converge

At MIROSLAVO®, we believe in breaking down the barriers between artistic expression, design innovation, and strategic marketing. Why limit ourselves to just one passion when we can embrace the beauty of synergy?

Our Philosophy

The Intersection of Art and Design: In our world, art and design are not distant realms; they are kindred spirits. The strokes of a brush and the lines of graphic or industrial design share a language of creativity. At MIROSLAVO®, we seamlessly blend artistic flair with design precision, crafting unique narratives that resonate visually, emotionally and intellectually with our audience.

Marketing as the Catalyst: Enter the realm of MIROSLAVO® Marketing, where creativity meets strategy. Marketing is not just a business necessity or some pushy tactics; it’s an art form in itself. Our journey from Miroslav’s university dorm room to a comprehensive marketing division has taught us that conveying the right solution to the right person at the right time requires a blend of creativity, strategic thinking and timing.

Passion Multiplied, Not Divided: Miroslav Stibůrek, the founder of MIROSLAVO®, understands the richness that comes from embracing multiple passions. Painting, designing, marketing—these are not isolated pursuits or opposing fields, actually they are absolutely necessary to be successful in any of those fields.

And Then There is the Reality of Living as an Artist: Let’s address the elephant in the room: living solely from art can be a challenging path. But at MIROSLAVO®, we see this not as a limitation, but an opportunity. By expanding our horizons to design and marketing, we’ve found a harmonious balance that fuels our artistic pursuits. After all, harmony and integration is one of our core values.

Why this Fusion Matters: In today’s dynamic world, artists thrive not by narrowing their focus but by broadening their horizons. The fusion of art, design, and marketing is not a compromise; it’s a celebration of the multidimensional nature of creativity and one area fuels the other.

So, join us in embracing a holistic approach to creativity. At MIROSLAVO®, we don’t just create; we create visual, emotional, functional and strategic experiences that resonate with its audience, leaving an indelible mark on the canvas of our creative journey.

Art, design, marketing—bound together by passion, vision, and the pursuit of creative excellence.







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