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Hello! I’m Miroslavo Stibůrek. I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to my kingdom of creativity, innovation, beauty, and business.

Creativity, Excellence, and Innovation:
Welcome to Miroslavo.

I started my own business with one single goal in mind: to help and inspire as many people and businesses as possible and have fun while doing it. I have always had the dream of combining all my passions and financially prospering from them so that my hobbies were also my work. So far, it’s been a dream come true, and I’m professionally active in these three key fields: Art, Design and Consulting.








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Personal Development

Importance of Taking Time-Off to Recharge Your Batteries

It’s now that every summer, I travel to my homeland and revisit places where I grew up. While I enjoy vacations exploring new destinations, there’s something truly magical about returning to the embrace of family and the familiarity of old haunts. These places, where I laughed, cried, and dreamed during my formative years, hold a special significance that never fails to tug at my heartstrings. They act as a mirror, reflecting the journey from where I started to where I stand today, while also pointing the way towards my future. Amidst the gentle rustling of leaves and the nostalgic whispers of memories, I find solace and an opportunity to engage in profound introspection. There’s an undeniable tranquillity in walking the paths that witnessed my growth, as if time stands still for a moment, allowing me to align my thoughts and ambitions. This ritual has become an essential part of my …

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Browse Miroslavo's featured paintings from various collections made in his studio in Barcelona.


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