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Miroslavo is a dynamic and evolving multidisciplinary studio that combines the fields of design, art, photography, and engineering, allowing an inventive and holistic approach to creation.

Run by an award-winning designer Miroslav "Miroslavo" Stibůrek, who thanks to his artistic nature and technical background has dedicated his life to exploring his passion for aesthetics, sociology, philosophy, engineering, the pursuit of happiness and creativity. In 2016 and then 2017, Miroslavo received the prestigious A'Design Award two years in a row, awarded for good design.

Every piece of work created by Miroslavo springs from the deepest intentions of the heart, to create aesthetically pleasing, original and functional design. It's characterised by its inventiveness and the ability to emit emotion.

Miroslavo works with global brands as well as aspiring projects, local businesses, sole proprietors and museums.

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Flourishing Shot Glass

'The Flourishing Shot Glass'

The unique feature of this design comes from its shape that resembles a flower and its ability to flourish when watered and taken care of.

Nuevo Aeropuerto De La Ciudad De Mexico Logo

'Logo proposal for NAICM'

The emblem is formed from hand drawn lines that intersect each other forming numerous Xs and many other national symbols. This lies at the core of the logo. Like the airport architecture, it was inspired by Mexico’s personality, characteristics, and culture while respecting the design, essence and nature of flying, planes and design of the Nuevo Aeropuerto Internacional de la Ciudad De México.

'SLIXY watches'

The SLIXY watch were designed for the hipster subculture attempting to redefine elegance, purity and rules. Our designer Miroslav Stiburek has won the Italian A'Design Award 2016 in the Watch, Jewellery, and Eyewear category.

'Nescafé Azera'

Design proposal for Nescafé expressing city life and its vibrant nature. The artwork produced by Miroslav combines a lot of custom creations and the emotions that a person living in a creative, ambitious and fast moving city feels.

'Rima Bed'

Design proposal for competition Rima Sofa and Beds.

'Fashion Boutique - Ralph Lauren'

Mono-brand fashion boutique selling Ralph Lauren, Puma and G/FORE. Creation of the concept including interior design and designing and producing the original furniture placed inside the boutique.


Cooperation between our studio and the American brand G/FORE lead by Mossimo Giannulli. Our studio was responsible for the brand management in the Czech Republic including the creative work.

'SLIXY Catalogue'

Catalogue for SLIXY presenting the aspiring brand SLIXY specialising in designing and selling modern and inventive products.

'Graphic design for Kofila'

Graphic design for a chocolate factory Orion producing a successful chocolate bar named Kofila. The company was looking to innovate its traditional playful graphics. We pushed the boundaries with a few innovations and a new invention to set a new direction (the hipster and independent uncle holding coffee) while adhering to some traditions this brand has created over the past 100 years.

'Blink 182'

Graphic Design from 2008 (university project) for the popular pop-punk music band Blink 182 - the holder of the best selling album in the history of music (Enema of the State - 17 million copies sold worldwide). The design presented represents the culture and philosophy surrounding the band.

'Label&Logo Stibůrkovo Pekařství'

A universal label (sticker) that the local bakery puts on its original and tasty products to present themselves.

'The Bull Pet brand'

An aspiring clothing brand currently being introduced on the Czech market focusing on lifestyle fashion inspired by the english bullterrier. Miroslav created the logo.

'Ralph Lauren digital banner'

Long-term creation of digital artwork for the Czech branch of Ralph Lauren including banners, photography, posters and catalogues.

'Puma Golf'

Fashion photography for Puma, introducing to the market the limited edition of this combo set for the new generation of golfers.


Created as a photo poster for a fashion boutique selling Polo Ralph Lauren clothing.

'ČUBA Investment'

ČUBA Investment is an investment group focusing on investing the financial resources of its corporate clientele into startup businesses and projects focusing on renewable energy. Its philosophy is characterised by intergrity, creativity, growth, and ethics.