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Dedicated to Creativity and Emotion.


Miroslavo is an evolving and dynamic multidisciplinary creative studio combining the fields of art, design, photography and engineering allowing a holistic and inventive approach to creation.

It‘s run by an award-winning creator Miroslav „Miroslavo“ Stibůrek who thanks to his artistic nature and technical background has dedicated his life to exploring his passion for aesthetics, sociology, philosophy, engineering, the pursuit of happiness and creativity. In 2016, Miroslavo received the prestigious A'Design Award for the SLIXY watch, awarded to the world's best designs of 2015.

Every piece of work created by Miroslavo springs from the deepest intentions of the heart, to produce creations that change people‘s lives.

Miroslavo produces his own creations as well as provides multifunctional service to global brands, aspiring projects, local businesses, individuals, museums and other non-profit organisations around the world.



2016 - Exhibition at "MOOD" Ex Chiesa di San Francesco, Como, Italy.

2016 - Exhibition at Bologna Design Week, Italy.

2016 - Samorosti Art Exhibition NOD Prague, Czech Republic.

2016 - Exhibition at Cube Design Museum, Kerkrade, Netherlands.

2016 - Exhibition at Shenzhen International Design Fair, China.

2016 - Exhibition at Festival of Architecture and Interior Designing Conference The Lalit Mumbai, India.

2016 - Exhibition at Festival of Architecture and Interior Designing Conference Hotel Lalit Exposition Center, India.

2016 - Exhibition at Espacio Ricardo Lorenzo, Gallery of the College of Architects of Cantabria, Spain.

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