Retratos de Miroslavo: Inédit» width=»750″ height=»1000″ />„I explore how I feel in the current society and in the present moment. In my art, I tackle the basic social and philosophical principles and dilemmas like happiness, fear of opening oneself, reaching one’s full potential, creativity, spirituality, self-expression, logic, following one’s true passion and purpose in life, integration, mindfulness, freedom and more. I express my explorations through the use of simple, playful yet symbolistic shapes and colours that we see in our everyday lives as well as shapes of my own invention.“ – Miroslavo

Paintings, Drawings, and Sculpture on Commission

Miroslavo sells his own creations or you can hire him on commission. He will create the idea and integrate the painting into your environment and architecture so that it maximises aesthetics and feel of the surroundings.

Latest artistic creations by Miroslavo

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Expedición de Miroslavo: Pintando sol en Plaça Letamendi.
Arte / Lona / Pinturas / Público
Expedición de Miroslavo: Pintando creencía en Plaça de Gaudí.
Arte / Lona / Pinturas / Público
Pinturas de Miroslavo: Rosas
Arte / Lona / Pinturas

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