What is Research and Development?

Research and Development, also known as R&D, is exactly how it sounds. It’s the act of researching an industry or a specific market, finding an opportunity, say a new product idea or innovation that could fill the needs and satisfy the pain points of the current product users, and then developing a suitable solution or a concept that could meet those needs. It’s the first step in the product development process and all great products from a thorough R&D process. Even though R&D can be a collaborative process, the act of generating a novel product idea is usually the work of an inventor.

Generating new product ideas is chiseled in my DNA

Researching, inventing, designing, and developing a new product idea is the single most challenging and exciting thing I do in my studio. It’s where I get to apply all my knowledge.

I enjoy inventing and developing new products that have the potential to solve a problem in the marketplace. I found my place in consumer products, especially those that solve real-life problems, are functional and bring an uplifting aesthetic feel to its environment e.g. filtration products, kitchenware, construction and painting tools, lighting, shading, and stationary tools.

I have found myself collaborating with companies and other inventors before, or as a part of a team to design and develop their new product idea, however, I have also invented, designed, and developed my own products. Whether it’s my paintings, face masks, award-winning fashion watch and shot glass, stand lamp, or a painting spatula. Some of them I have pursued to sell through my distribution channels, some I have just developed as concepts, or only for my own use, and some have simply remained as ideas or have been disregarded.

How can I help with your projects?

  • Market and industry research
  • Analysis of competing products and environment
  • User research and finding out current customer needs
  • Generation of ideas and new product opportunities
  • Selection of a suitable idea for development
  • Consulting

If you have a collaboration proposal, feel free to contact me using the form below.