Genius is an acrylic painting produced by Miroslavo as the first painting in his first collection, in which he summarises his view of the society and the self, by stripping his thoughts and emotions down to the most basic elements from which he then creates other works of art. He believes genius is achieved when the mind connects in a singular and united way. It’s the moment we all experience in our lifetime, the moment where some action we just did felt so effortless that we almost have no idea how we did it. It’s the moment of genius and everybody has access to it. The Genius painting explores the way genius or scientifically called integration,  is achieved which is by returning to the fundamentals of the inner self and connecting everything in a unified and integrated manner. The closer one is to this knowledge, the more often and easier it is to achieve genius-level creation.

Product Data
Weight2 kg
Dimensions38 × 55 × 1.7 cm


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