The Independence painting with a whooping size of 162x130cm, makes a lot of impact on the observer when viewed in a room. But of course, it’s the impressive content of the painting that makes the eye balls go wild.

As the title suggests, this piece dissects the concept of independence and expresses its own idea on what it means to be independent as a human being living in today’s world.

With an abstract symbol—resembling an angel, key chain, a ghost or a person lifting their hands in a celebratory way—dominating the middle of the painting and its written verbal message Don’t Be A Pussy, Be An Artist, it takes a bold shot on not just one, but multiple dilemmas we are facing in today’s society like gender, race, background, idealogy or social inequality; obsession with self-development; independent thinking, being and living; and other related subjects. It provokes the viewer to think what it means to be independent in all parts of life and existence.

It’s provocative, bold, energetic, full of powerful symbolisms, and all while being colourfully and beautifully expressed in the most aesthetic, truthful and authentic way possible.

Purchase note

Was displayed in Miroslavo’s solo exhibition in the Museum of Art and Design in Benešov, Czech Republic. From 07/10/2021 until 03/01/2022.

Product Data
Dimensions 162 × 130 × 3,5 cm