Brighter Future


Brighter future is the one of the most beautiful pieces of Miroslavo’s Spring 2021. Painted on a conservative 100x80cm canvas, it combines explosive and smooth movements while expressing its message through the artist’s signature and the partially hidden underpainting. The vibrance and colourfulness of this painting is truly magical and has the ability to bring enormous energy and brightness into any space. Additionally, the painted sides create a depth for the piece and create a 3D effect, a fine little detail having a large impact on the overall impression of the artwork.

Brighter Future expresses a view on the current situation of the society which is starting to recover from a world pandemic and the effects it had on a personal level as well as the global society level. This painting does explore some painful and sad feelings generated from the experience of the world’s latest events, but demonstrates the hopeful and positive outlook for things to come. A symbolic, intelligent and balanced masterpiece.

Purchase note

Was displayed in Miroslavo’s solo exhibition in the Museum of Art and Design in Benešov, Czech Republic. From 07/10/2021 until 03/01/2022.

Product Data
Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 100 × 80 × 4 cm