Transformer (painting)

“What exactly went on during the process of the Transformer? I created 3 paintings, each exploring its own philosophy while working together to create something original.

People ask me why it’s called the Transformer. Let me describe the process. First, I used imagination to come up with the idea. Then, in the first painting, the red triangle, I explore and use mostly logic and the rational mind.

In the second green painting, displayed above, I explore and use mainly emotion.

In the third, yellow painting, I use both equally logic and emotion, working side by side.

In the case of the black brushstrokes that “connect” all 3 paintings, I use creativity?. Then I add a bit of spontaneity with my favourite splashes and my signature to finish it off.

I end up with a work of art that closely explores the human mind and the actual transformation that occurs in all my paintings.” — Miroslavo

Art, Canvas, Paintings
acrylics, canvas, painting, transformer