TAPP Water S.L.

3D Factory, DIY, Product Engineering

Sampling Machine

DIY Sampling station designed and developed for TAPP Water S.L. that will be used to test water filter capacity. It was designed and built, as always, with a holistic approach. The station was made from an old presentation stand, revamped and turned into a multifunctional station that can be used both for R&D and marketing purposes. The water delivery is possible thanks to two 10L ergonomic buckets and a self-priming 100psi water pressure pump, ⁠which switches on and off automatically with the opening and closing of the faucet. Along with the set of four wheels, this station is made for maximum ease of use and mobility. With a fresh paint job and varnish, it’s also pleasant to use and looks good. Another hack of this station is that an infinite water flow can be achieved without having to fill buckets with water.