Art, Paintings, Paper
acrylics, brush, drip painting, paper, reality of happiness, series

Reality of Happiness (Series)

“The ‘Reality of Happiness’ made me realise what achieving happiness entails. During the process of creating the paintings, I managed to face all my feelings and fears, and turn them into happiness. I created the series a day after my 30th birthday as I was self-reflecting about how I feel about this change and my journey. I would have never guessed it before, but I was experiencing a mid-life crisis and that made me realise about happiness and how it can be achieved.

I realised that happiness is not about rejecting or suppressing the feelings of fear, anxiety or any other demon but by exploring them, facing them, accepting them and learning to find beauty in them.

That way, we can make all feelings coexist with each other in a peaceful and equal way. We allow ourselves to be free.


We must first make a choice, whether to give up and let fear and past failure control our future, or grab life by the balls and live a joyful life driven by faith.