Patrons of the Arts

This page is dedicated to all patrons and their long-term dedication to the artistic journey of Miroslavo.

Become a patron and be a part of La Familia Miroslavo

Becoming Miroslavo’s patron is quite simple. Use the form below to send your financial support through Paypal or your credit card. There are different tiers of patronage named after famous historical patrons.

Choose which patron you would like to be and click on Subscribe


Important Notice: The processing and storage of personal data by this website are governed by Miroslavo’s Privacy Policy. Payment information is processed only by Paypal. Pledges are monthly and can be canceled at any time.

How Miroslavo uses the finances from patrons?

With the pledges from patrons that Miroslavo receives every month, he buys canvases, paints, brushes, paper and other tools to create his artwork. It’s a budget which he sticks to every month.

Naturally, the more patrons he has, the more artwork he is able to create. He can use bigger canvases, experiment with other techniques, use more quality materials and more. Patronage is helping him to get off the ground and onto a journey of becoming a successful artist.

Miroslavo would eventually like to share his artwork with others through its sale. This will enable him to further fund his evolvement by entering art prizes, attending art events, exhibitions, purchasing new equipment, seeking opportunities, generating exposure, etc. He will also donate part of his profits to The Art Room charity.

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