Nápad pro nový produkt pro průmyslovou výrobuNew Product Development for Mass Production

Do you have a product idea, a revolutionary invention, or you want to upgrade an existing product on the market and you now want to realise it?

Do you need to ensure complete development of your idea from the beginning to a physical product ready for automated production and sales?

Miroslavo, a product design, research, and development studio can help you with this.

Who is Miroslavo?

A'Design Award Winner 2016 & 2017

Miroslavo is a Czech industrial designer, engineer, and artist who works with entrepreneurs, inventors and innovators in different areas to help them turn ideas into reality.

Miroslav Stibůrek, known professionally as Miroslavo, received exposure by winning, in 2016 and 2017, the Italian A’Design Award awarded by the International Design Academy for his first 2 proposed products. He then gained the opportunity to be discovered as a talented designer and began to work with leading manufacturers in international markets.

What is the process of developing a new product?

Product development is a process that combines several scientific, technical and artistic disciplines.

It requires advanced knowledge of science, mathematics, aesthetics, ergonomics, engineering, marketing, business, manufacturing, design, CAD, research, etc.

The best-designed products are those that find the golden center between all the impacted areas, hence do not give more weight to any area, but find the perfect compromise between them to achieve maximum effect. It is the so-called integration of knowledge. Harmony.

So how the product development happens between the client and Miroslavo?

Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

If deemed necessary, a confidentiality agreement is first signed.

Idea and its discussion

The initial idea is the first thing in the process and in general, the client comes with it who discovered an opportunity in the market and would like to realize his idea.

In most cases, the original idea is partially altered or adapted in the course of the development, however, the vision and business intention remains.

This is followed by a discussion of the idea, input, and expectations.

Product development is a process for several months to several years, and so both sides should assess whether they see potential and success in their cooperation before taking the journey to the unknown.

Price quote and negotiation

After receiving and analyzing all the documents and inputs provided from the first project discussion, Miroslavo will create a quote.

After mutual satisfaction with the conditions, a contract and a timetable are created. The development is then launched.

Research and detailed product discussion

Before the project begins, detailed and adequate brainstorming and research are conducted.

We will discuss the following:

  • how and where the product will be used,
  • how big it will be,
  • what materials we are going to use,
  • what should be the retail price,
  • how it should work,
  • how it should look,
  • how it will be produced,
  • what group of people will use it,
  • how it will be sold,
  • and anything else that arises from this open discussion

It is important to consider these aspects at the outset for the smoothest course of development. We will not always answer the questions immediately, so the discussion is usually accompanied by the research of the market, customers’ needs, production options, competition, etc. Some questions can only be answered after development has begun, so generally being flexible and open is the key to a successful finish and launch.

Creating Specifications

After the research has been conducted, specifications and goals are defined.

Design and Engineering

After acquiring all of the above-mentioned knowledge, the design of the product is created to make it look good as well as the product engineering to make things function properly.

Sketches, drawings, exploring various solutions, creating 3D models are all part of this step.

Finding a manufacturer

This step is very important and needs to be done as soon as possible so that ideas are in contact with production reality and engineering. In general, the sooner the better.

It is important to get a reliable manufacturer that will provide you with mass production under the right conditions.


Prototyping is an important part that happens before the product goes into live production. At this stage, we are experimenting, and with the creation of prototypes, we strive to find the final form and solution that will be fully functional and meet all set requirements and standards.


Basic prototypes can be made from the most trivial things like matches, paper, model, wires, or polystyrene. We can quickly find answers to some basic questions.


At a later stage, we can create a prototype that is closer to the look of the final product. Depending on the type of product, we can use a specific manufacturing technique, for example, 3D printing.


The final stage will be the creation of the high-quality prototype. This step is usually created by the manufacturer.

If a product is produced by injection molding machines, which is the most common way of mass production, most of the time, a low-cost, fast-to-make prototype mold is first created. They are appropriate when we want to get prototypes directly from the serial materials to verify the injection process, functionality and mechanical properties of the moldings.

Live production

After the creation of the final and functional prototype, the final technical drawings will be produced and the manufacturer will create a production mold and will commence production. At this stage, you are already taking over the life of your product and starting to sell and promote it.

Post Production

After you launch the product on the market, the development of add-ons, upgrades, and other related products may come at a later stage. In this case, the whole process is started all over again and each project is assessed individually.

In the case of marketing consultations, such as making a product statement or naming, etc., it is also possible to use Miroslavo at this step.

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