triple m bann

New Brands, New Identities

For some time already, I have been working in three major areas simultaneously: art, design and marketing. I thought I would put it under one roof—Miroslavo. However, this proved to be confusing for people and I realised that while integrating things is great and important, it’s also good to structure and divide to provide clarity and a better understanding. Based on that, I decided to define three brand identities:

  1. Miroslavo as an artist brand, as it was created with that purpose in mind from the beginning.
  2. Miroslav Stibůrek, being my birth name, is now the personal brand used for my design studio and all things related.
  3. Marketeasers, a digital marketing agency, solely dedicated to online marketing, branding and web-related services.

The Tripple M :-).

When you decide to work with us, you will have a powerful team in your corner.


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