A novel is a type of narrative fiction. It usually explores the human behaviour and experience through various interconnected events. They are usually long and created in chapters.

Miroslavo’s personal opinion on a novel:

“The first novel I had read was when I turned 31, and it was by a Spanish author. It was a psychological thriller called The Heart Tastes Bitter. It probably wasn’t a novel you start with since it had more than 400 pages. But, I enjoyed every word of it, and it truly hooked me since the beginning to keep reading until the end.

Judging by my first experience with a novel, it seems that this type of fiction is aimed at exploring humans in a detailed and profound way to provide an accurate portrayal of what is going in the surrounding environment as well the internal feelings and thoughts of each character.

The quality of the novel seems to be determined by the emotion and thinking it evokes in the reader. Of course, every reader will think different things when imagining the characters. That’s where a novel becomes subjective to the reader’s own feelings and state of mind.

Reading my first novel brought me true happiness in a different way than a movie and since the literature part of me was asleep for the first 31 years, the first experience from having read that book was quite profound and unseen.” – Miroslavo

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