Full-Service Creative at Your Disposal

Are you in need of creative services every month on a regular basis?

Then our full-service might be the right pick for you.

This service was designed for companies that are in need of: artdesignphotographyvideo, and/or marketing services every month. Rather than hiring a different person every time based on project briefs, they have the option to hire a person who can offer them all of those things at a monthly fee, rather than at a per-project fee, making it more cost-effective and speeds up the process.

Miroslavo, having rich experience and expertise in all of the aforementioned fields can effectively deliver this to interested parties and speed up their marketing efforts as well as to make unique combinations that otherwise wouldn’t be possible without deep knowledge of all of those fields.


The monthly fee can range anywhere from €200 to €4000 per month, depending on clients’ requirements. The conditions are solely dependent on the agreement between the client and Miroslavo.

Inquire About Miroslavo’s Full-service

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