How does Miroslavo calculate the prices of his artwork?

The prices of Miroslavo’s artwork are calculated based on many factors and this page aims to explain his pricing politics.

They are calculated based on these main factors and costs:

All prices include a reduced VAT tax rate of 15%

Materials and packaging costs

Income Tax of 19%

Time spent on creating his artwork

The size of the artwork

The originality and creativity of the artwork 

Studio rent

Website and online gallery maintenance costs

Furthermore, they are partially influenced by:

The quality of exhibitions attended

Gallery representation

The amount of work Miroslavo creates per month

Investment potential

Gut feeling

The profit that is left of the retail price, Miroslavo uses to further fund his artistic evolvement (through visiting galleries, attending art events, entering art prizes, purchasing new equipment, experimentation), donate to The Art Room charity as well as to cover his traveling costs to exhibitions and basic living costs.

Important Notice: All prices are the same whether you buy through a gallery representing Miroslavo, through his exhibitions or through his online art gallery.

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Miroslavo is an award-winning designer and artist.

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