Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This page was created to clarify questions that are frequently asked, in order to make your life and browsing easier.

1. What is Miroslavo?

Miroslavo is an artistic name of Miroslav Stibůrek, who uses it professionally and named his studio after it as well.

2. Who is Miroslav Stibůrek?

Miroslav Stibůrek is the owner of Miroslavo studio and our main creative. You can read more about him in his résumé.

3. What services does Miroslavo offer?

We offer complete services in the fields of industrial design, graphic designphotography, art and internet marketing. For more information, please visit our services page.

4. Where can I purchase Miroslavo’s art?

Currently, you can buy Miroslavo’s art through Saatchi Art gallery, at his exhibitions or through direct contact.

5. How can I contact you?

Please use our contact form or Miroslavo’s social media.