Brand Name that sells

Brand Name Creation by Miroslavo
Wordplay has always been a favourite exercise of Miroslavo since he was a child. His creativity and analytical abilities enable him to create unique word combinations, which perfectly express the philosophy of the specific product.

What should a good brand name contain?

  • playfulness
  • originality
  • good targeting
  • clarity
  • rememberability
  • free to register as a domain name and trademark

Why hire Miroslavo as your Brand Creator?

Miroslavo has many positive as well as negative experiences through experimentation, failures, and successes that he has gathered over his rich career so far, and he would like to share this knowledge with others. He already created a few names including a registered trademark. He is a multifunctional creator, multi-award winning designer and creative mastermind, who works both with innovators and industry leaders, as well as with individuals, local companies, and communities.

What can Miroslavo help you with?

Give us a hola and let’s discuss your Brand Name needs