Channel your Thoughts and Emotions Through Miroslavo’s Art

If you don’t find a painting that fits your space in my ready-to-hang gallery or you have a specific idea or theme in mind that you would like me to explore, I can produce pieces based on your input.

We will create and discuss a concept together, including colours, symbolism, size, orientation, the environment it will be in, shipping and framing.

I will take it all into consideration and create paintings that express those thoughts and emotions.

How does it work?

Every project is different and it’s usually a matter of the client’s preference, however, we normally follow this process:

  • First, we put together a brief, basic requirements and understand what are the needs for the artwork, where it will be placed and what function it will serve, how many, size, etc.
  • We then dig deeper and explore the theme the paintings will have, the style you would like it to be, what kind of colours and feelings you wish me to explore and in general, discuss your ideas and thoughts.
  • Based on your first inputs, I will create a few digital concepts so we can clarify further the direction you  would wish for the artwork to go.
  • Once, I fully understand your needs, what you like and the kind of paintings you would wish to have, I go to work on developing my ideas and feelings which I then use to create artwork that captures your vision.
  • Of course, I’m an artist and my job is to also push the painting to the right artistic level, so I will be adding my piece of the puzzle into the works and give it the artistic juice it needs to make original and meaningful art.
  • Once all is done, we have a revision of the works and see if everything suits us well. If there are some suggestions for changes, we adjust, otherwise, we proceed to the final step of handing the artwork over or shipping.

Every painting comes with a certificate of authenticity and various perks that come with being a part of Miroslavo’s circle of collectors.

Let’s discuss your ideas